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Make a lovey blanket with this video sewing tutorial. It’s an easy sewing project - an ultra soft snuggly lovey with a cute plush bunny head. The sewing pattern is free to download. Babies like to cuddle with their security blankets, the lovey blanket eases them into sleep quickly, provides a sense of comfort and becomes a first treasured toy for toddlers. The DIY bunny lovey helps babies to feel safe regardless of where they are.

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A handmade lovely - a.k.a. security blanket - can bring great comfort to a child of any age. I still remember the lovies that my brother and I had as kids - I think we slept with them until we were in our double digits! After making flannel blanket bundles for a number of friends, I noticed two t

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100% Polyester SLEEP COMPANION: Lovie Ultra soft grey stuffed plush blankie makes your baby feel full of love and a sense of security when they cuddle the baby blanket to ease them into sleep quickly. Recommended for baby 6-mouths of age and up BABY LOVEY BLANKET: Measures by 14" is perfect for baby's embrace- gray elephant toy is an adorable friend to babies, matches the newborn favorite, accompany your baby to grow up 100% HEALTHY: Super soft dotted plush fabric can give your baby more…

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