DIY nails stickers

Get crafty with DIY nail stickers and create unique and eye-catching nail designs. Discover top ideas to express your personal style and add a touch of creativity to your manicure.

I used to love buying nail decals and 3d nail stickers because they were such an easy way to jazz up a plain nail polish job. I just learned a way to make your own home nail decals & wanted to share with you! It's an awesome alternative to doing hand-painted nail art on your nails. You can work on a flat surface instead of on your nails & you don't have problems with applying on your dominant hand! So your left hand & right hand nails will be equally neat :) Check it out! All you need are…

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Looking for some cool new manicure ideas to try at home? We found some of the coolest, but easiest ways to add sparkle and glamor to your nails. Genius nail art ideas that you can get with little effort, all complete with step by step tutorials. Try one of these awesome ideas out today! DIY

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i have been dying to show/tell you guys about this little discovery since foreeeever, so i hope you get as excited as i did (and still do)! you all know i love me some polish and painting my nails. it's fun and relaxing for me, and i love looking down throughout the day to see a happy little manicure on them. well do you remember back in January, when i posted about these awesome nail decals? i loved them so much, and wanted more, but didn't want to keep paying for them (am i cheap?…

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