Diy garage door insulation

Keep your garage comfortable all year round with these effective DIY garage door insulation ideas. Learn how to insulate your garage door and save on energy costs with these simple and cost-effective solutions.
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Eco-Friendly Garage Door Insulation: Your metal garage door is an enemy of your budget. In the summer, the sun beats down and heats it up, adding heat to your garage. In the winter the metal gets cold, which is a sure sign the heat inside the garage is being lost. In short, insulating …

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Okay, it is finally time to insulate my garage door. I say finally because I have lived in this house for almost 8 years, I have had a mini-split a/c unit in the garage for about 1 1/2 years and I have had the insulation kit for about 9 months! Nothing like procrastinating.

Richard Torrens
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If you've been neglecting your garage, it's time to pay attention and give that hard-working space the garage upgrades it deserves. With these DIY projects and easy garage ideas, you can increase storage capacity, improve the lighting, paint the floor and much, much more.

Shereen Rudy Bitter
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Close gaps in your garage door to keep out pests and winter weather Your garage door is, needless to say, a huge opening into your home. And through that opening can come any manner of things: rodents, insects, rain, wind, assorted...

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