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Get inspired with these fun and simple DIY button craft ideas. Learn how to make unique accessories, home decor, and gifts using buttons. Start your button crafting adventure today!
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I love Dorset Buttons. I love their history. I love their charm. I love their versatility. I just love Dorset buttons! And I love what creative people are doing with Dorset buttons these days. So, when Anita sent in photos of her latest adventures in Dorset-buttonry (I don’t really think that “buttonry” is a word, ...

Angela Bailey
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The craft of making Dorset Buttons evolved in response to the fashions of 17th century England. Entire villages and families were involved in process. Nowadays Dorset Buttons are decorative, rather than utilitarian items. They can be attractive in their own right and used by historic reenactors for their costumes or by needle crafters to use

Mari Carmen Berbis Martinez
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hey loves :) Today I have a tutorial to make your own bracelets with nothing but buttons and string. Miss last week's button tutorial? Click Here :) You will need: - buttons (25ish) - embroidery floss - scissors - tape (optional) Step 1: First you need your string. When it comes to measurement, here's what I always go by: Three times the length around around your wrist, multiplied by two. You WILL have string to trim at the end, but it's worth it to make sure you're able to tie off the end…

Pauline Savini