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ArtStation - Fan Remaster: Regina Dino Crisis, Iconic Women, Iconic Characters, Fan

It was a 10-year old me when Dino Crisis first made that everlasting impression on me as one of gaming's most unique survival-horror experiences; most of all, one of CAPCOM's most iconic characters ever: Regina! Though the franchise has remained alarmingly quiet in the last decade or so, I've always wanted to pay homage to this incredibly special character by making my take on what a 'remastered' version of Regina could look like today; not in a manner that's a '100% faithful recreation' of…

Oliver Andrews
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Regina is a main character from the Dino Crisis series of horror games, appearing in Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2. She is an intelligence agent for the Secret Operation Raid Team and weapons expert, specializing in weapons maintenance. Her agility and cool judgment are her greatest strengths. As such, she is superior at running, evasion and ascending ladders. She is considered the most well-known and popular character from the Dino Crisis games. Over the course of the first game, Regina…