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Think eating healthy means missing dessert? Not so. An anti-inflammatory diet means cutting back on sugar and loading up on good-for-you foods like fruits, whole grains, spices and healthy fats. What else is on the menu? Delicious treats. Here, 13 desserts that could help fight inflammation.

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The Carnivore Diet is an elimination diet that consists of eating meat, fish, and other animal products, including eggs and some dairy products exclusively. Simply put, there should be little to no plant material consumed. Advocates of the animal-based diet not only believe animal foods provide the best nutrition for humans, but they also believe plants cause many of today's health problems. Considering the above information, you can immediately see how difficult it is for someone carnivore…

Emma Berger
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These brown butter sourdough cinnamon rolls are about to become your favorite sourdough cinnamon roll recipe. They have a rich brown butter cinnamon sugar filling and are topped with an incredibly indulgent brown butter cream cheese frosting you will want too eat right out of the bowl. Brown butter gives these rolls a warm nutty flavor that balances all that sugar, giving you rolls that aren't too sweet and have a sinful feel too them. After trying these rich gooey flavorful rolls, you won't…