Dealing with a toxic bio mom

Discover effective strategies for co-parenting with a toxic bio mom. Learn how to maintain a healthy environment for your child while dealing with challenging situations. Implement these tips to create a positive co-parenting relationship.
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Parental alienation affects stepparents too! Not to mention your entire blended family. Here’s deeper dive into the realities of alienated stepkids, including some personal parental alienation examples from our own family. Oh, plus more resources. Gobs & gobs of resources.

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You've broken up with your partner, and there is a child involved. In a lot of (happy) situations, the initial feelings of bitterness and anger tend to dissipate as both parents, and their child, settle into the new family situation. However, there is a special breed of ex that will fight to ensure this happy

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Growing up, I learned heard quite a bit about being careful not to allow toxic friendships and relationships in my life. You know those people who make you feel you are less than, leave you feeling yucky, and completely drained whenever you are around them. Most of us will deal with at least one ...

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Share this...FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedin A warning for Stepmoms (and biomoms). Yes Stepmoms, you read that right. The BioMonster (high conflict bio mom) you’re dealing with was created with your help – the Stepmom who chose a life most would run away from. For those of you who haven’t heard of the term “BioMonster,” I’ll define it like […]

Naja Hall- Family and Life Coach