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Express your love for Dachshunds with these adorable ideas. From heartwarming gifts to fun activities, discover how to shower your furry friend with affection.
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Dogs are just as prone to humans to giving an attitude. Cats are the masters of it, but canines can be just as bad. Just watch a bulldog if he doesn't want to walk in a certain direction. You'd have better luck dragging a statue than you would have to get a bulldog to go

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Many Dachshunds lift a front paw. It’s one of the breed’s most common quirks. People that only have one or two Dachshunds, or those who aren’t familiar with the beloved weiner dogs, often think their Dachshund is the only one that exhibits this behavior. The fact is, Dachshunds holding up one paw is a well-known

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The Dachshund, also known as a sausage dog (or a Wiener dog), is famous for its long body and small legs that give it an adorable shape. They come in a variety of gorgeous colors, and different hair length (i.e. short or long hair); so Continue Reading →

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Even famous people just can't get enough of these wiener dogs! Here are 14 pictures of famous people with their lovely Dachshunds and living their best lives with them. #1 Picasso and his dachshund Lump drawing a new masterpiece. #2 John F. Kennedy with his best friend! #3 Marlon Brando and his muse. #4 Pretty...Read More

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Dachshunds have many characteristics that only doxie parents can truly relate to. Some are adorable, crazy, and just plain comical. Let's learn The Hilarious Things Only Dachshund Owners Understand...and hopefully we can help prepare those first-time Dachshund owners for what's coming.

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