Cupcake liner flowers

Get inspired by these creative cupcake liner flower ideas for your next DIY craft project. Discover unique ways to use cupcake liners to create beautiful floral decorations and arrangements.
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Are you looking for easy crafts to do at home? You've probably already got the supplies to make these beautiful paper flowers! This creative project is perfect for adults and older kids such as teenagers. This lovely DIY bouquet makes for awesome home decor, as well as a colorful centerpiece for parties.

Carol Bushey

I have wanted to make simple cupcake liner flowers for a long time now. And I'm loving this method! These flowers are really easy to make and they look fantastic! It doesn't matter whether you use bold bright colours or the standard plain white cupcake liners, these flowers will look beautiful no matter what supplies you can round up at home! They look pretty on their own, or you can glue them onto a card for Mother's Day or Easter! I planted almost 300 spring bulbs in the fall. That's right…

jacqui daniel