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Engage your kids in fun and educational activities with Cub Scouts. Discover a wide range of projects and adventures that promote teamwork, leadership, and personal growth for your child.
Cub Scout Pack meeting signs to make.pdf Cubs, Oath, I Am A Teacher, Do Your Best, Scouts, Access, Law, Pack Meeting, Info

Here are some signs I made to use in Cub Scouts. Feel free to use them if you'd like. PDF of Cub Scout Info Sign Since I am a teacher by nature, I always try to think of little tricks to remember things. When I participated in Board of Review nights with Boy Scouts, I noticed that the boys looked panicked when I asked them to recite the Scout Oath or Scout Law. It wasn't because they didn't have them memorized; it was because they forgot what they are called. So I came up with this little…

Andy Dillon
New Cub Scout Parent Pamphlet-editable pdf   Here are two different editable pdf documents that you can use in your dens or packs.  One has more editable text forms than the other, but they are in the same basic format. Diy, Lions, Cubs, Humour, Cub Scout Games, Cub Scout Activities, Scout Mom, Scout Leader, Scouts Of America

New Cub Scout Parent Pamphlet-editable pdf Thanks to Julianne Anderson for donating this idea. She is Cubmaster of Pack 62, Hobble Creek District, Utah National Parks Council. When my son turned 8 he was so excited to join cub scouts. I grew up with 3 younger brothers; however, all I can remember is my brothers wore a blue uniform shirt with a neckerchief, including a neckerchief slide that usually fell off, and we sometimes went to pack meetings. I figured my son would go every week, earn…

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