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#Crossed +100 #14 (Regular Cover) #AvatarPress (Cover Artist: Gabriel Andrade) Release Date: 1/30/2016 Crossed Comics, Order Book, Wish You Are Here, Price Book, Digital Comic, Book Summaries, Books To Read Online, Reading Online, Release Date

CROSSED +100 #14

Cover: Gabriel AndradeWriter: Simon SpurrierArt: Rafa OrtizMR, Color, 32 pages, monthlyPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Simon Spurrier continues to deliver shocking developments in the future world of the Crossed. Humanity is taking a stand and fighting back against the rising tide of infection. Future has managed convince the tow

Jhonny Rodriguez
Crossed: Badlands #39 (Regular Cover) #AvatarPress #CrossedBadlands (Cover Artist: Rafael Ortiz) On Sale: 10/16/2013 Horror Comics, Badlands Series, Crossed Comics, Lan Chi, Film Horror, Happy Fourth Of July, Manga Artist, Cartoon Images, Comic Book Covers


The ultimate '70s grindhouse showdown is here! Murdering bikers! Stoned junkies! And a whole mess of diabolical Crossed, bring this story to an explosive, violent, and horrifying end. Three very different people come together to exact vengeance and meet their bloody fates. SIMON SPURRIER delivers the concluding issue of the "American Quitters" arc with a shocking and miserable finale that will leave you emotionally exhausted. Available with a Regular, Torture, Wraparound, and special Red…

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