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Explore a collection of eerie and unsettling creepy toys that will send shivers down your spine. Find the perfect addition to your collection and embrace the darker side of play.
Dolls are inherently creepy. There's something about those blank staring little faces that you just can't trust. These dolls are pure nightmare fuel. Creepy Toys, Scary Dolls, Creepy Art, Creepy Horror, Horror Art, Creepy Stuffed Animals, Clay Monsters, Diy Kids Toys, Clay Faces

It was just announced that the Monster High fashion dolls are getting a 2022 reboot. But that’s kid’s stuff. We want to see realistic figures with enough creep factor to scare the visitors staying in our guest room which also happens to be the place these dolls call home high up on a shelf. Thankfully […]

Dee Furginson
Here Are My 36 Gross And Creepy Sculptures Inspired By ’80s Horror Movies (Warning: Disturbing Content) | Bored Panda Optical Illusion Paintings, Optical Illusions, Kristen Bell And Dax, Pottery Courses, Throwing Clay, Italian Sculptors, Pottery Store, Buy Candles, Pottery Tools

Hi, My name is Jason from Peterborough in the UK and I like to create gross and creepy sculptures from polymer clay. I started making them about 4 years ago after using clay to create my own Halloween mask. I am inspired by 80's horror movies and always had gross and creepy toys as a kid and like to recreate how these things made me feel. Each one takes about a day to create and I usually make 3 or 4 at the same time. What started as a hobby has led to me leaving my job as a butcher and…

Denise Olivas