Creepy houses

Uncover the secrets of creepy houses and their haunting pasts. Discover the most chilling stories behind these eerie dwellings and prepare to be spooked.
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Most of us find architecture fascinating. The built environment around us reflects the history and culture of a place that can shape our experiences and perceptions of an area. However, not all the buildings stand the test of time and many are left to decay. For some, they become unwanted ghosts of the past; for others, they are objects of mystery and awe.

Georg Mrmi
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There aren’t too many opportunities to feel like an adventurer in modern times. However, exploring abandoned places and finding unexpected treasures can give you that deep thrill. You might not bring anything physical back to show for your efforts, but the photos you take and the first-hand experiences make for even better souvenirs.

Madinina toulouse
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Misty hills. Lonely forest roads. Plenty of vines, moss, and unkempt trees. And the cherry on top—a gorgeous abandoned building that radiates eeriness and grandeur in equal measure. That’s our dream home right there. Especially if the place looks haunted.

Mia Mia Makapia