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I’ve realised I have a particular workflow for drawing coastlines in my maps. Here’s a quick walkthrough. Each step is done on a new layer in photoshop, and I use a 5px hard round brush in each case with size set to pressure. However, all of these steps can be done in Gimp – or … Continue reading "How to Draw Coastlines on a Fantasy Map"

Catron Burdette
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Draw Your Own Fantasy Maps: One of my favorite things about playing tabletop RPGs is that it inspires me to create art that fits into that world. Whenever I play a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, I always feel compelled to create a very detailed world map to help me envision th…

Jaime Rich
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Where should you place deserts on your fantasy map so everything feels realistic? If you want to create a setting for your rpg or book set in an arid enviornment, it is helpful to understand how a desert forms in the real world so you can create a believable map for your story. Tap here to learn more! #mapeffects #fantasymaps #rpg #dnd #fantasy #worldbuilding #dungeonmaster #fantasywriting

Katherina Moons