Creamy garlic olive dressing

Enhance your salads with these mouthwatering creamy garlic olive dressing recipes. Discover how to make homemade dressings that will elevate your salads to the next level of flavor.
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This post contains affiliate links. I eat a lot of salad; I think I get that from my dad. There was not a day that would go by that he didn’t have a salad. Those, and his martinis, are probably what led to his long life. He chalked it up to clean living, but who knows? (Insert wry smile.) Unlike my dad, I don’t have bottles of salad dressing stacked up in my fridge like cord wood as he did. No, I make my dressing fresh. One thing that makes homemade salad dressing super easy is having a mini…

Beth Yocum
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Mayo & sour cream is mixed with garlic, white wine vinegar, olive oil, & parsley until flavors blend to create this Creamy Garlic Dressing!