Crate bookcase

Transform your space with unique and versatile crate bookcase ideas. Find inspiration to organize and display your books in a stylish and functional way.
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There were probably milk crates laying around the house sometime in your life, but you didn’t know what to do with them except use them to store junk or just throw them away. You can actually turn them into something more useful. In a world of possibilities, here are ten ways you can repurpose and reuse...

Eliseo Espinoza
DIY wood crate book shelf - would look nice in the bedroom or living room Inspiration, Design, Police, Ikea, Interior, Raf, Dekorasyon, Case, Dekoration

I have been searching for a corner bookcase for a few months now. With no luck, I decided to make something myself. I've always loved the look of old wooden crates, but after seeing the price of just one (around $50-$80), I thought I would try making new wooden crates look old by staining. While it's no perfect match, I still think the bookcase turned out perfectly. Here's what you need: Materials (from Michaels and Home Depot): Qty. 20 screws and nuts (1/4"-20 x3/4") Qty. 20 flat washers…

Brandi McLean