Cranial sacral therapy

Discover the benefits of cranial sacral therapy and how it can help relieve tension and promote relaxation. Enhance your overall well-being with this gentle and effective therapy.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Craniosacral Therapy – Core ConnectionBy Sophia Schweitzer Jenny started medical school at the University of California-Davis this year. She leads a normal life. She’s agile and intelligent. You never would have thought that in fourth grade, when she was 11, her future wasn’t as promising. Severely dyslexic, Jenny was reading […]

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Services Cranial Sacral Therapy (also known as Craniosacral therapy) is a gentle method that works with the bones of the skull, spine and sacrum to address imbalances and distortions happening in the body. It works in conjunction with the natural rhythm of the flow of Cerebro-spinal fluid within the head and spine. Cranial Sacral Therapy …

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