Craft show booth signs

Make your craft show booth stand out with eye-catching signs. Discover top ideas to create attractive and informative signs that will draw customers to your booth.
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Simple Craft Show Display Trick

Repetition is important in all aspects of your business. It creates consistency and familiarity your customers can rely on. Repetition is equally important in visual design and should be used in your craft show display. Imagine a living room with white walls and grey furniture. If you place one red pillow on the couch, it...

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Display Tricks to Stand Out at a Craft Show

There's a lot for craft show shoppers to take in and they likely won't stop at every booth. Here's how to ensure your space catches their eye.

Bonnie Buchanan
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How To Brand your Craft Show Display

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to branding and what a brand is. What you probably do know is: your brand is NOT your logo. Which is true. Your logo is part of how you communicate your brand, but branding a business is not like branding a cow; you...

David Whalen
Your name needs to be up high and done in a creative way for your craft or art show booth display.The white paper print out with your name & number identifying your booth (provided by the craft show organizer)  is NOT a sign.  So what are the six qualities of a good sign?  "Pathetic Aesthetic with Poor Signage - How Would I Know Your Name?" has several examples of what works and improvements for a memorable sign. Art Show Booth, Pathetic Aesthetic, Booth Aesthetic, Craft Show Table, Craft Show Booth, Craft Booth Display, Craft Fairs Booth, Vendor Booth, Know Your Name

Pathetic Aesthetic with Poor Signage - How Would I Know Your Name?

Improving your display quality is a minimum requirement for success and this includes a sign identifying your name, or company name which should be consistent with your signature booth aesthetic. The white paper print out with your name & a number identifying your booth (provided by the craft show organizer) is NOT a sign. It is time that artists and makers start being more creative than the standard printed banner. But something in "good taste" is better than nothing. Here are a few…