Cowboy salad

Discover mouthwatering cowboy salad recipes that are packed with bold flavors and fresh ingredients. Whip up these hearty salads for a satisfying meal that will transport you to the Wild West.
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This Cowboy Pasta Salad is purely addicting loaded with juicy ground beef, bacon, sweet corn, black beans, tomatoes and cheese smothered in tangy, creamy southwest barbecue sauce! This Cowboy Pasta salad is a TexMex Pasta Salad at it’s most tantalizing. It is fully loaded with everything delicious and makes not only a crowd pleasing potluck side…

Betty Strong
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This salad is loaded with flavors and the dressing is so delicious. I was more than happy to eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. The original recipe called for 1 jalapeño, nobody in my family could really taste any spiciness from it, even my youngest who does not like spicy foods. So for my personal taste I will try 2 or maybe even 3 jalapeños next time to see if I can get a bit of spiciness added to the salad. I love my spicy foods and I think this salad would taste even better with a…

Janet Hughes