Corp goth

Elevate your professional style with these stylish and edgy Corp Goth fashion ideas. Discover unique ways to incorporate dark and alternative elements into your work wardrobe for a bold and confident look.
Goth Type 12: The Corp Goth by ~Trellia on deviantART    Tanto per informarti che ti ho trascinata nel darkside @_@ Goth Stereotypes, Goth Types, Goth Corporate, Faerie Goth, Goth Pictures, Goth Styles, Corp Goth, Types Of Goth, Style Essence

Description Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here! I don't understand why pinstripe looks so good....but it does... As with all my work, please DON'T steal this! If you want to use it for whatever purposes…

Joanna Guzmán