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There hasn't been a newborn baby in my home for a while. My son, Ben, turned 15 last May. While feeding a teenager healthy, unprocessed food has its own host of issues, I've been thinking a lot about babies again. No, I'm not expecting. You see, in less than a month, I will be an uncle. My brother and his wife are due right around Thanksgiving, and our whole family is excited. But it has me thinking–what exactly is in some of this stuff we feed our babies? Ideally most newborns and infants…

Rachael Marriott
Ulrich Blanché on <em>Banksy: Urban Art in a Material World</em> Street Art, Art, Banksy Graffiti, Banksy Artwork, Banksy, Banksy Art, Street Art Banksy, Graffiti History, Political Art

Penned by Ulrich Blanché, Banksy: Urban Art in a Material World focuses primarily on Banksy’s relationship with consumer culture. With its thoroughly-researched appendix documenting everything from Banksy record album covers to his exhibition catalogs, it is the first comprehensive academic study of Banksy’s art. An interview with the author follows: Your book, Banksy: Urban Art in a Material World, began as a dissertational thesis. Why did you choose to focus your studies on Banksy? What is…

Галина Аксенова