Concrete blocks

Explore unique and stylish ways to incorporate concrete blocks into your home decor. From DIY furniture to outdoor landscaping, discover inspiring ideas to transform your space.
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🕑 Reading time: 1 minuteCellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) also known as Foamed concrete is one of the most significant type of concrete used for construction purposes due to its various advantages and usages over traditionally produced concrete. Foamed concrete is manufactured by mixing Portland cement, sand, fly ash, water and preformed foam in varied proportions. […]

Lets the wind in, keeps the rain out - Innovent Concrete Louvre Ventilation Block Brickwork, Ventilation Design, Breeze Block Wall, Precast Concrete, Concrete Blocks, Brick Architecture, Building Materials, Concrete Design, Brick Design

The Innovent block is a new, patent-protected concrete louver ventilation block designed in Trinidad and Tobago. It allows for airflow through a wall while inhibiting the passage of precipitation (such as a horizontal or wind driven rain) through its unique and innovative design features. The main advantage of the Innovent block is that it can be manufactured using a fully automated concrete block-making machine providing a consistent uniform product. The Innovent block is also weather…


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