Completed cross stitch

Explore a collection of unique and beautiful completed cross stitch projects. Get inspired to create your own masterpiece and showcase your creativity with these stunning designs.
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You are lurking in a cross stitch group and boom. You are awestruck by the most gorgeous, intricate stitching you have ever seen in your life. Instantly, you NEED that pattern. Never before have you stitched anything so massive and complex. So what do you do? Level up your stitching game of course. It’s time...

Donia Vernon
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Woohoo! You have a finish! Happy dance! ... Now what? Click here to buy "Bitch in Purple" pattern You spent all this time carefully stitching each thread into a beautiful work of art. Now it’s time to preserve it for evah! (Or at least as long as you want.) Do…

Patty Jones
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How to wash your cross stitch project | Taking care of your completed cross stitch work In this blog we share our tips for taking care of your completed embroidery work. We explain how to wash your cross stitch project once your are finished stitching and how to iron your piece. You can also

Jackie Bathurst
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I get so many comments asking what is my secret to stitching plump, even, Instagram-worthy stitches. The answer is that I honestly don’t know. I don’t think that I do anything special. However, I am a perfectionist so I do like things to look pretty. I notice inconsistencies in my stitching all the time that...