Colorized historical photos

Experience history like never before with these captivating colorized historical photos. Step into the past and explore iconic moments brought to life in vivid detail.
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More often than not when we look back on history we're doing so through the lens of nostalgia. While we like to remember heartwarming moments of the past, it's also denying the existence of some truly chilling stories from the past that are as fascinating as they are dark.When you take a closer look at history through rare photos and stories you'll see that not everything is as sunny as the history books portray.

Ashton Murray
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A sign erected by a man form Dog Company during the Korean War, 25th March 1952, Korea. Maybe taken after the Battle of Maehwa-San, or during the Fourth Battle of Seoul, this picture is just one of many similar that spread during WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. This is my fastest colorization, 12 minutes. It’s not a good colorization, but I wanted to test new techniques with this one, to make it look like an 80s photo.

Zilke Lourens
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Have you ever seen your grandparents’ wedding photos? How about your great-grandparents’ baby pictures? If you’ve got an album full of ancient, black and white family photos just collecting dust in your attic, wouldn’t you like to see those same images in vibrant colors?

Leslie Hepburn
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In 1826, Joseph Nicephore Niepce, a French inventor, came up with what forever changed the way we see, experience, and remember the world and its history. It was the birth of a camera that took the first photograph on a piece of paper coated with tar of the view from his window at Le Gras. Of course, it looked nothing even remotely similar to what we think of as a camera.

Hava Liebich