Color blue meaning

Explore the fascinating meaning and symbolism behind the color blue. Learn how this serene shade can evoke feelings of calmness, trust, and tranquility. Dive into the world of blue and find inspiration for incorporating it into your life.
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Color Psychology in Branding

How to Choose Colors + Inspiration Photos That Match Your Business - perfectly!First impressionsAs business owners, we’ve all been there - You have your business up and running, you know who you are, who you serve, and how you are the best at what you do… But it feels like something is missing.You find yourself comparing your business to others in your industry (or maybe even different ones), wondering how their message and their online presence are so attractive and compelling to potential…

Leslie Hille
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The Psychology of Color in Branding — Pace Creative Design Studio

I’m all about colors and the psychology behind them. Every color is tied to an emotion and as a brand designer I use that to help tell your brand’s story. Here is a quick and simple overview of the emotions that are tied to these colors. This only scratches the surface of color psychology. Each […]

Glenda Buckmier