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Indulge in the rich and creamy flavors of coconut milk chocolate. Explore top recipes that combine the sweetness of chocolate with the tropical goodness of coconut milk. Try them now and treat yourself to a heavenly delight.
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Is it just me or does it feel like a small eternity since I last posted a chocolate recipe? That's what I thought. Well, have I got a doozy for you! A delicious twist on traditional chocolate pudding that will rock your socks off (or something like that). Today's feature is a dairy free, egg free, creamy delight that is

Karyn Arthur
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I’ve made a dangerous discovery this week. A discovery that involves heating up a can of coconut milk with a handful of really good chocolate and a little vanilla (and a few other ingredients) and creating the silkiest, dreamiest pudding you may have ever tasted. Although usually quite easy, puddings can sometimes be tricky. There’s nothing worse than a lumpy or grainy pudding, or a pudding that simply doesn’t taste like much. You won’t find any of those things here.

Alison Wade
5 Minute Vegan Chocolate Ganache with Coconut Milk

Luscious & glossy vegan chocolate ganache can be yours in 5 minutes with this foolproof formula. Just heat coconut milk with bittersweet chocolate and whisk for a deep, dark, gooey chocolate topping for cakes and cupcakes – or for licking off of spoons, you do you! Pair this with my super moist coconut flour chocolate cake or fudgy coconut flour cupcakes for dairy-free chocolate dessert bliss. Includes a paleo-friendly option.

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