Clothesline diy

Discover how to make your own clothesline with these creative DIY ideas. Save money and enjoy the fresh scent of air-dried clothes with these simple and practical solutions.
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I'm so excited to finally share the DIY clothesline with you guys! So many of you have been patiently waiting for this since I shared the sneak peek on my Instagram a few weeks ago. When we first moved to this farm a couple of years ago there were a few things that I knew the farm needed & one of them was a clothesline. We finally got around to adding one to the farm this summer thanks to Jose who decided to DIY his own & I was so excited to share with you & he was so kind

Liz Marie

Making my own DIY clothesline was one of my proudest home projects last summer. It started when I noticed my electric bill was getting higher because of using the dryer so much. I read online that air-drying clothes could save money and help clothes last longer. So, I decided to try making a clothesline in my backyard. I looked for materials that were both strong and inexpensive, because I wanted this project to be both durable and cheap. Finding the right ideas and instructions was crucial…