Cinnamon french toast

Indulge in the irresistible flavors of cinnamon French toast with these delicious recipes. Make your mornings sweeter with these mouthwatering ideas.
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This cinnamon French toast recipe requires a few basic ingredients and is ready in 20 minutes! Great served with fresh fruit & warm syrup.

Cristin Wells
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I truly thought I did not like French Toast. (It's so...eggy?) But all that has changed now. I've found the secret methods to the BEST French toast of your life. I will show you how to make this easy recipe that uses all egg yolks, super thick brioche or challah bread, with caramelized edges for a magical sugary crunch. It is the ONLY way I will eat French toast from now on!

Kaylan Sterling
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Brown Sugar Cinnamon French Toast is your classic french toast breakfast or brunch recipe with the perfect blend and balance of warm spices and brown sugar! This recipe comes together in no time making it perfect for breakfast and brunch during busy weekday mornings, on the weekends and definitely the holidays! Recipe includes easy step-by-step recipe video and is sure to be a hit for all!

Brendan Humphreys