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Explore fun and educational Christmas math activities that will keep your kids entertained and learning during the holiday season. Discover creative ways to incorporate math into the Christmas festivities.
Rulin' The Roost: Christmas Math Games-Freebie (The pictured board is like Ludo, aka Snakes and Ladders, but without the snakes.)

Just in time for the holidays! Click {HERE} below to grab yourself not one, but THREE dice roll games to have your kids do, to get you through the next 2 weeks! Directions are on each page. All you need to do is print, copy, laminate and have counters and dice available. {Games reinforce doubles and doubles +1} I've updated the pages above. My brain must be suffering from what my students are suffering from lately and I had the wrong directions on the Race to Rudolph game! whoops! Fixed now…

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Last week, I posted some pictures on Instagram of my kiddos stacking and building Christmas trees with green plastic cups ("Solo" cups). They had so much fun trying to create the tallest tree, the widest tree, a circular tree, measuring their height next to the tree, and crashing the tree towers down. Ha. Not only is this STEM activity great for fine motor skills, it's super cheap too! I found a pack of 84 off-brand cups at the grocery store for $3.99. I also bought some name brand cups, but…

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I always need something extra for my students who finish quickly in math. I like to keep these games handy (and change up the theme each month, but have it be the same general game so I don’t have to keep going over directions). Stop on by my blog to pick up 3 different games ... Read More about Christmas Addition Dice Games

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