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Discover DIY Christian gift ideas that will inspire your faith. Create meaningful and personalized gifts to share with loved ones and spread the message of hope and love.

Color -Coded Scripture Jars are a unique way to guide you through God's Word and draw you into a deeper relationship with Him. These Jars are handmade and scriptures are individually cut and placed into a pattern in the jar. I make these with lots of love and pray over each jar that is sent out. Renew your mind with the power of God’s word! *Scripture Jar in NIV Translation * 62 color coded Bible Scriptures on emotions and feelings. Color coded based on feelings: sad, angry, happy…

Andrea Schultz
Christian Embroidery Kits - Elly and Grace – ellyandgrace

Elly and Grace Christian Embroidery Kits are easy for anyone to do. Includes everything you need to get started and learn to stitch like a pro! Includes Thread, Embroidery Hoop, Needle, Thread, Fabric, and full instructions to get started today!

taylor ashley