Chili dog cornbread casserole

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Cornbread Topped Chili & Hot Dogs

Did your mom ever tell you don't play with your food? Mine did, but I am doing it anyway. However, my interpretation of playing with my food is different from my moms. When I play with my food I take a recipe and revamp it to make a new dish. The original recipe for this is called Cornbread Taco Bake. I have actually played with this recipe more than once, only keeping the cornbread part. Here are my ingredients all are organic except for the cornbread and chili starter they are natural…

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Chili Cheese ‘Corn Dog’ Casserole - Aunt Bee's Recipes

Hello! I have been working on testing Thanksgiving recipes for Rocket City Mom all weekend and I ALMOST FORGOT to post this recipe! This was what I made my hubby to eat for watching the football game Saturday afternoon, and he could not stop raving about it! He is a huge fan of chili cheese

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