Chicken and egg color chart

Uncover the secret to determining the color of a chicken's eggs with our comprehensive chicken and egg color chart. Find the right breed to add vibrant hues to your egg basket.
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IF YOU’VE BEEN CONTEMPLATING RAISING CHICKENS OF YOUR OWN, CONSIDER THIS: -you may spend countless hours each week watching FARM TV in your backyard -you may end up being labeled a “Crazy Chicken Lady” -friends may tag you in every chicken social media post they see -once you fall in love with your hens, this may lead to needing more chicks next year -and since chickens are a gateway farm

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Two terms you see a lot in this Rainbow Egging chicken world we live in are, “Easter Egger” and “Olive Egger”. These are catchy color terms for mixed breed chickens who can lay green eggs. The term Easter Egger has evolved to include any chicken who lays a non-typical egg color where the chicken that laid it doesn’t meet the standard of a documented breed. They are lovely mutts that have my heart, but those of us who breed for fun egg colors need to be diligent in labeling them as such…

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