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Discover creative ways to use chalkboard markers for home and school projects. Get inspired to create stunning artwork and organize your space with these top ideas.
How to Easily Erase Chalk Markers - Magic Erasers! How to erase chalk markers from chalkboard paint? Not so easy. Many commenters said the magic eraser still didn't work, but another commented said that as long ad you "prime" the surface of the chalkboard paint (like the paint instructions say) with regular chalk, it will all erase fine! I'll have to try it and see! Chalk Lettering, Diy, Pre K, Cleaning Hacks, Cleaning Painted Walls, Chalk Pens, Chalk Markers, Chalkboard Markers, Chalk It Up

Have you joined the chalkboard craze? It seems like everywhere you look you see chalkboard labels, framed chalkboards, even entire walls painted with chalkboard paint. When I first started seeing the labels a few years ago, I could hardly believe people would want to label anything with chalk. Without revealing too much about my age, […]

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You just got a new chalkboard and you drew a cool design or wrote the special of the day or jotted down the grocery list. You get a paper towel or rag and go to erase it, but it won’t go away! No matter how hard you scrub it’s still there. Sometimes erasing chalkboard markers can be a struggle, but don't worry we have the solution!

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One question I get asked frequently is what brand of chalk markers I use and where to buy them, so I thought I would do a little review of the brands I’ve used. This is in no way all-encompassing because there are many brands of chalk markers. I’ll review four brands in this post. The […]

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Crafts are like my best friend! One might say I'm a #craftaddict! I particularly love modge podge, chalkboards, and serging. I love that I get to partner with ChalkOla to share my favorite ways to use chalk markers! This post is chalk full of fun, easy, affordable ideas that will make your life organized, personalized and better off!! PLUS, there is a coupon inside for the chalk markers! #boombaby #craftaddict #chalkmarkers #chalkola #ilovecoupons

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