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Explore stunning Celtic goddess art that celebrates the divine feminine. Discover unique and enchanting art pieces that capture the essence of Celtic mythology and bring a touch of magic to your space.
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In Irish mythology, Danu ([ˈdanu]; modern Irish Dana [ˈd̪ˠanˠə]) is a hypothetical mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann (Old Irish: "the peoples of the goddess Danu"). Though primarily seen as an ancestral figure, some Victorian sources also associate her with the land. The hypothetical nominative form of the name, *Danu, is not found in any medieval Irish text, but is rather a reconstruction by modern scholars based on the genitive Danann (also spelled Donand or Danand), which is the only…

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Áine is a solar goddess in Celtic mythology, and considered the Irish Queen of the Fairies. As a deity, she is the daughter of Egobail, one of the Tuatha Dé Danann, a supernatural race of Irish beings. She is a goddess of fertility, protection, healing, Magic, luck, the earth and the moon. Goddess Áine Correspondences...

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