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30 Amazing Vintage Photos of Celebrities Posing With Their Cameras

There’s nothing better than celebrities and their vintage cameras. And there’s definitely nothing better than pictures of celebrities holding their vintage cameras. Marilyn Monroe with a Nikon camera Grace Kelly taking Frank Sinatra’s photo with a Hasselblad Michael Jackson with an SLR Mick Jagger with a Polaroid Bob Dylan with a Nikon SP rangefinder James Dean with a Rolleiflex Buzz Aldrin shot by Neil Armstrong (who you can also see in the helmet reflection). Buzz is holding his Hasselblad…

The Last Roe
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Famous People With a Camera

Hendrix! MM Jim Morrison with Minox spy camera Morrissey James Dean Elvis John Lennon with a Rolleiflex Richard Avedon Stanley Kubrick Brigitte Bardot George Harrison with a Nikon F, Kodak Retina I IS and a Rolleiflex. Bowie rockin an Olympus SLR Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly Charles Bronson with a Leica M3 ~ publicity still from his television series, Man With A Camera, 1958-60 Natalie Portman with Rolleiflex Edward Norton with Rolleiflex James Dean James Dean Audrey Hepburn and Fred…

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Photo Dealer Finds An Old Photo Collection With Photos Of A “Mysterious” Man With Hollywood Celebrities (30 Pics)

This amazing collection was recently found by a talented artist and photo dealer, Dan Barry, who took us on a nostalgic trip down the memory lane of what Hollywood's A-list stars looked like almost 30 years ago.