Carpet cover

Find the perfect carpet cover to protect your floors and add a touch of style to your home. Explore top ideas for choosing the right carpet cover for every room in your house.
Pros and Cons of self adhesive carpet tiles for the home

Carpet tile has come a long way. The styles and choices are looking more like real carpet, but with the benefit of being easy to install and at a great price point. Read more about the pros of using carpet tiles in your home.

Sophie Mills
Renters' Solutions: 9 Ways To Upgrade Beige Carpet by Layering Diy, Home, Design, Decoration, Home Décor, Small Flats, Carpet Flooring, Rental Decorating, Apartment Carpet

Why settle for one rug in your space when you can put two together? Layering rugs is always welcome, but if you’re not sure how to pull off this look, we spoke with five designers who offered their opinions on the dos and don’ts of layering rugs throughout your home. Some of their advice may surprise you. Don’t go for a pattern-on-pattern look, designer Antoinette Allande Anderson says.

Stacey Bloomfield