Caramel sauce recipe without heavy cream

Indulge in the rich and creamy taste of homemade caramel sauce without using heavy cream. Discover an easy and mouthwatering recipe to satisfy your sweet cravings. Try it now!
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I don't like caramel chocolates but have always wanted to try caramel sauce..crazy right?? Well its just that I don't like the sticky and chewy type caramel chocolate that mostly gets stuck in our teeth ( grrrr...) Then I saw many posts of caramel sauce, it had all the flavours of caramel without the sticky chewy bit, exactly like I wanted. But mostly all of them called for cream, which is not a regular staple at my home. I wanted to try caramel sauce with just my home staples ( yep…

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This sweet salted Caramel Sauce is scrumptious, smooth, and easy to make at home! Make it in minutes with a few ingredients for a rich caramel sauce recipe that's amazing on desserts, coffee drinks, and ciders! Tips to make it perfectly every time!