Candy decorations diy

Add a touch of sweetness to your party with these fun and easy DIY candy decorations. Get inspired and create a colorful and delicious atmosphere for your event.
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DIY Candy Necklace Costume (+ Sweet Tooth Couples Costume)

If you want a costume you can throw on as easily as a feather boa around your neck, this DIY costume is for you! Try this DIY candy necklace costume!!! If you have some tired pool noodles from a few too many summers in the sun, this is a great way to reuse them because …

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How to Make Giant Candy Necklaces from Pool Noodles

Giant candy decorations are so much fun and I just love making them! I have been busy making them for months to decorate my house as a huge gingerbread house for Christmas. I've made giant rock candy, candy canes, gum drops, candy necklaces, Sixlets, and lots of different lollipops! As I have been busy creating decorations, I have also been working to create tutorials that I can share with you! This is the third tutorial in my mini series on how to make giant candy decorations. Join my email

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Turning A Friend's Home Into A Giant Gingerbread House, Part 2

Our last-minute gingerbread house project got a little out of hand; now I want to make ALL the cute giant sweets! We're nearly done, though, so let me show you some fun DIYs: 1) Giant Wrapped Candies: These are cheap and easy to make, but pack a HUGE punch. I love them so much. Everything you need is at Dollar Tree: foil wrapping paper (1 roll = 2 candies), small zip ties, and these plastic containers: Put the lids aside, you won't need them. Wrap your container lengthwise with the foil…

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Crafting Delight: A Step-by-Step Guide on Making Your Own Fake Popsicle

Create a whimsical faux popsicle with this step-by-step guide! Craft your own delightful and delectable-looking creation, perfect for decor or play props. Indulge in creative fun as you learn how to make a fake popsicle that looks so realistic, you'll be tempted to take a bite.

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