Camera settings for outdoor portraits

Capture stunning outdoor portraits with the perfect camera settings. Learn how to adjust your camera to achieve professional-looking outdoor portraits that will impress your viewers.
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Although I’m a big fan of unposed “lifestyle” or documentary images, I can’t deny that i love a good portrait shot too! So this blog post, we’ll cover the best camera settings for portraits using natural light - either indoors or outdoors. Please note that if you work with studio lighting, or us

Callie Kinzer
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In one of my recent mentoring sessions, one of my students said something that caught my attention. She said that she allows her clients to book their session for any time of the day, rather than the times when light is ideal. In her eyes by doing so, she was being “ flexible” and providing […]

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I consider myself to be a very very amateur photographer, learning as I go & enjoying the process, however the most common emails I get from readers (I love those!) are about my photography. So while I might not know much, I am always happy to share what I got: Today's topic: how to get crisp, clear, bright photos? My equipment: Canon Rebel T2i, 50 mm f/1.4 prime lens, tripod & remote (see this post for more of my remote/tripod photography tips) First off, I do a couple of things while…

Candice K
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For the past twelve weeks I’ve been participating in the Earnest Challenge, created by Erin at the Earnest Home Company. The challenge comprised working on a particular skills over twelve weeks and documenting it on my blog. Waaayyy back in June, I decided that I would devote much of my time this summer to developing […]

J Square
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Learn all about aperture – one of the most important camera settings settings. This setting will help you create background blur and take great natural light photos with your DSLR (digital) camera. Great tutorial and photography tips for beginner photographers. 📷

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