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The journey of an artist takes a lifetime. This blog post is meant to encourage those who want to improve their skills but just feel as if they have hit a plateau. Let me assure you, we all hit that same plateau. We all come to a point where are work seems to be stagnating at one point and we are not able to work past whatever barrier is in our way. We seek out more classes, more instruction, more books, more online lessons and purchase more supplies. But the answer is not in any of those…

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The pointed pen produces unique, expressive ornamental strokes, and by learning to vary the pressure and curve, beautiful forms are created. In this class, we will take a look at some broader movements and study the use of line as flourish, as border, and as illustration. Taking inspiration from historic ornament, we will

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Pat Blair is a professional calligrapher and graphic artist with over 35 years experience, offering custom commissions and classes in calligraphy and graphic art. View samples of her work as well as a list of upcoming classes being held locally in Haymarket, Virginia and around the country.

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