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Cabbage is one of those things I used to pick around on my plate or leave to the side in that questionable coleslaw. You too? BUT what if I said it could be one of the most nutritious veggies (and cheapest) we could eat?!Well, you may be surprised but it…

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10 Essential Health Benefits of Cabbage, Patta Gobi : 1. Low calorie : 2. Relieves constipation : 3. Enhances immunity : 4. Rich in Antioxidants : 5. Anti-inflammatory : 6. Good for diabetics : 7. Important for women’s health : 8. Consume for a healthy heart : 9. Chemo protective : 10. Vitamin K Rich :

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Explore the wonders of cabbage with our comprehensive guide! 🥬 Discover the nutrition facts, health benefits, and creative ways to use this versatile veggie. Learn expert tips on buying and storing cabbage to make the most of its freshness. 🛒🌿 Cabbage 101 has got you covered for a healthier and tastier journey! #CabbageGuide #HealthyEating

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