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“What makes a viral campaign?” It’s a burning question every entrepreneur should be asking, especially when it comes to the visuals they’re using to promote their products and services. In an effort to answer that question and spark some ideas for your own visual marketing campaign, I’

Bonnie Lee
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A creative problem solver who’s positive, practical and organised. I bring big ideas to life through conceptual thinking and strategic insights – joining the dots to create holistic communications with impact. I have a blend of expertise in graphic design, brand and marketing. If you’re seeking to add a dash of fun to your visual communications, let’s have a chat - I’m ready for my next challenge.

SD Digital
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The 4A’s, the premiere association representing the advertising agency business in the U.S., is launching a national ad campaign to promote the organization’s new Partner Awards. The ad cleverly speaks to the value and importance of creative collaborations in the advertising and agency business, but also the potential pitfalls.

Eliud Acuña