Burning roses photoshoot

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Rose in flame | Was playing in my homestudio with flowers an… | Flickr Burning Rose Aesthetic, Rose On Fire Wallpaper, Burning Flowers, Rose Lights, Broken Rose, Burning Rose, Rose On Fire Aesthetic, Black Rose On Fire, Rose On Fire

Was playing in my homestudio with flowers and flame. The flames are real, and born from the water the rose is standing in. The secret: spray lightning gas into the water then ignite it. Will have a very short time (1-2 sec) to take a few shots in burst mode while flaming more photos on zsoltvarankaphotography.com


Kel Adore is a lyric-obsessed songwriter and recording artist with a natural gift for visual story-telling. She shares her music not to merely entertain, but to feed the soul.

Jazlynn Baker
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