Burning rose aesthetic

Explore stunning burning rose aesthetic ideas to add a touch of mystery and allure to your surroundings. Discover unique ways to incorporate this captivating theme into your decor.
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I am in my second adulthood. So, do not be surprised by anything on my page. I try and respect others, because Karma is real and you do get it back. I have experienced hells on earth, so I don't think there is one when we leave here.I make no excuses for who I am. It took a long time and many hard lessons to get here..I live one day at a time...and try and enjoy it - no matter what kind of shituations may come. Namaste!

Emma Munoz
Rose in flame | Was playing in my homestudio with flowers an… | Flickr Burning Rose Aesthetic, Rose On Fire Wallpaper, Burning Flowers, Rose Lights, Broken Rose, Burning Rose, Rose On Fire Aesthetic, Black Rose On Fire, Rose On Fire

Was playing in my homestudio with flowers and flame. The flames are real, and born from the water the rose is standing in. The secret: spray lightning gas into the water then ignite it. Will have a very short time (1-2 sec) to take a few shots in burst mode while flaming more photos on zsoltvarankaphotography.com