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Explore innovative building structure ideas to create modern and sustainable architecture. Discover how to design structures that are both functional and visually appealing.
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Concrete construction: Formwork and other temporary support for cast in place (CIP) reinforced concrete structure for multi-story building in Los Angeles, a quite active seismic zone. The formwork is for the 7th floor flat plate slab and the 8th floor columns. What looks somewhat like wall formwork around part of the exterior is a sheathed fall protection guard rail. Column forms are the vertical wood rectangular forms, with steel outside horizontal, spaced support brackets. These forms…

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In RCC beams, elements are designed to resist the transverse loads that cause bending moment, shear forces and sometimes in some cases, it also causes torsion along their length. It’s a known fact that concrete is strong in compression and very weak in tension. The steel reinforcement present in the

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