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Elevate your hairstyle game with these stunning braided hairdo ideas. From elegant updos to casual styles, discover the perfect braided hairdo for any occasion.
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A fabulous hairstyle is an absolute must have for a memorable Valentine’s Day, except having a boyfriend, of course. Actually, our hair can say a lot about our mood and intentions. Throughout the whole evolution of romantic relationships, men have learned to read these messages subconsciously. Among other factors, that’s why we believe in the […]

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I love throwing my hair into a ponytail during the hot, summer heat. Tossing in two dutch braids is a super, simple way to make your everyday pony a little extra cute. This style works best on second or third day hair when it’s a little too dirty to wear down but not dirty enough to commit to a messy bun. Try it with wet hair after hopping out of the pool or dress it up for a fun night out with friends! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great weekend – xo, Missy Double Dutch Braid Ponytail…

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The African protective style of Ghana braids is our favorite among women’s braided hairstyles. You’ll recognize them by their typically thicker appearance which often requires hair extensions to accomplish and the way they are braided straight back from the forehead. Stylists also refer to Ghana braids as invisible cornrows, Cherokee braids, banana braids, and “straight …

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