Bookcase styling

Transform your bookcase into a stylish focal point with these creative ideas. Learn how to arrange and display your books and decor items in a way that reflects your personal style.
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Trying to achieve a stylish and cozy home that lives up to the standards of Joanna Gaines is a tall task. You might have all the necessary pieces in a room, but it may still feel incomplete. This comes down to some small details you may be overlooking, not the bigger items in your room. One small detail task you can take on is reorganizing your bookshelf!Disclosure: I have placed some affiliate links below that I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Keep in…

Leigh Russell
A grid showing 8 different types of bookcase styling including rainbow books, faces on book covers, pastel books and red books making the shape of a heart. Design, Decoration, Inspiration, Interior, Styling Bookshelves, Styling Bookshelves With Books, Bookcase Styling With Books, Bookshelves In Living Room, Styled Bookshelves

Bookshelf styling is one of our favourite hobbies. It's always fun to look at our book collection and consider which titles we'd like to showcase. This can be driven by content, genre, theme or cover artwork. We go with our instinct and whatever interests us at the time, but we always try to present the

Leigha George
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When I was growing up, my family’s living room bookshelf was full of my parents’ law books. It wasn’t until I developed my own style that I realized I don’t have to stock my shelves like attorneys—and my bookshelves no longer have to be boringEven though I’m a literary buff, bookshelf trends have helped me see that shelves don’t always have to be exclusively for books, either. Looking to upgrade your own bookshelf game?

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I'm coming in hot here y'all.....trying to squeak this post out before the deadline! Today along with Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home, Kris from Driven By Decor, Annie from Most Lovely Things, and Cindy from Rough Luxe are getting down and dirty about an issue that I think all of you might be interested in! I don't think it's any big secret that styling bookshelves can cause anxiety.... trying to get the perfectly curated "undecorated" "I just threw this stuff together" look can…

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