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Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of the Book of Ruth. Follow the journey of Ruth, a courageous woman whose unwavering loyalty and faithfulness inspire generations.
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Much like a good chocolate cake, the book of Ruth can be finished quickly, but it’s better if you savor it. Throughout the four chapters are layers of richness that reach far beyond what a cursory reading provides. Here are three layers that I hope you’ll take the time to relish: The Backstory The family […]

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Below is everything you need to get started on this 4-week Bible study in Ruth. TABLE OF CONTENTS Week 1 – Part 1 Week 1 – Part 2 Week 2 – Part 1 Week 2 – Part 2 Week 3 – Part 1 Week 3 – Part 2 Week 4 – Part 1 Week 4 […]

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Ready to start the new year by digging in to God's Word? Ready to learn more about our gracious and kind God? Ready to glean from the lives of those who have gone before us? If that's you, then this 6 week study in the book of Ruth is just what you're looking for! Just click on the study

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Find out the 5 vital lessons from Ruth chapter 1 from the book of Ruth that is very relevant for all believers today that summarizes the character of Ruth that made her make wise choices in her life to change her destiny for the better in the old testament.

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