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Discover body positive fitness ideas that will inspire and motivate you to love and care for your body. Embrace a holistic approach to fitness and find joy in movement.
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Summer means a lot of things — the best time for ice cream, road trips, beach runs — all of which are reminders and triggers for millions of women struggling with their body image. To make sure you stay upbeat and confident about your body (no matter the size), read these 14 positive quotes to keep your self-esteem in check all summer long.

Hendriena Tukker
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We live in a world that is very much influenced by social media. And what we usually scroll through is a never-ending chain of pictures that showcase happy people with perfect bodies in beautiful places. If there were times when these moments from someone’s life used to encourage us to strive for more and for the better, now often people find these images to be a reminder that someone is doing much more than you. Despite the fact that society doesn’t avoid various discussions about body…