Blurred lines

Dive into the world of blurred lines where art and reality merge. Discover how artists challenge boundaries and create thought-provoking masterpieces that blur the line between imagination and truth.
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Videos by American Songwriter The interesting thing about copyright infringement is that it escalates. In reality, a case should be pretty cut and dry, and you should be able to tick off a number of boxes in a checklist to determine whether something constitutes infringement or not. But because of what infringement implies, there is […] More

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If you haven't heard Robin Thicke's oh-so-catchy "Blurred Lines" yet, then...Oh, who am I kidding—you've all definitely heard it by now. And I'm sure you've seen or heard at least one of the many awesome parodies, mash-ups, and covers that have been springing up ever since the tune became the song of the summer. (P.S. Check out our interview with Emily Ratajkowski, one of the models in the controversial music video, for her take.) I've rounded up some of the best for you, below! Bill Clinton…

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